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Clinical Neuropsychologist Singapore, Hong Kong & Online

Dr Graham Tyler
Registered Psychologist (AHPRA & HKPS)
Chartered Psychologist | Associate Fellow
Full Member BPS Division of Neuropsychology

Online Neuropsychological Screening / Neurocognitive Screening

Dr Tyler offers an intimate Online Clinical Neuropsychology Screening service for clients unable or unwilling to meet in person. He remains virtually present with the client for the entirety of the online assessment.

Clinical Neuropsychologist in Singapore & Hong Kong - Full Neuropsychological Assessment

Dr Tyler offers in-person Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment in Singapore and Hong Kong where he is a joint resident.
(currently not available due to COVID)

Our easy and fast Neuropsychological Assessment process

Upload as much information as possible to our double-key encrypted server. We will then evaluate the information and advise if we can undertake the assessment, when, and how much it will cost.

Prior to the assessment, Dr Tyler will conduct a short intake interview by telephone or online meeting. On the day of the assessment, Dr Tyler will either meet your client in-person, or online in our secure tele-health platform. He will undertake a thorough clinical interview and then proceed with neuropsychological testing. This process typically takes 3-4 hours.

Within a day or two of the assessment, the report will be ready for the referrer. We will also arrange an online feedback session for the client where the findings will be explained in easy to understand terms and a shorter, basic feedback report will be provided for reference. 

Discuss your 

Neuropsychological Assessment


or call us in:
HONG KONG: +852 2293 2688

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UK: 0845 528 0066 (before 10am GMT)

We'll ask you to send us details of the client who is to undertake the Neuropsychological Assessment. The details will be uploaded by you to our secure double-key encrypted cloud server. Dr Tyler will then evaluate whether the assessment or screening can meet your objectives and provide a fee and next steps.

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